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Mouna Silence Meditation Retreat

The more regularly and deeply you mediate,
the sooner you will find yourself acting from a center of Inner Peace.

Mouna Silence Meditation Retreat

Divine Silence, Mauna Retreat

Vaak, Kaashtha & Sushupta Mauna

R I S H I K E S H : Dec - Jan - Feb - March

In the state of Silence the thoughts are slowly turned off and we can focus inward to gain the power to replenish.

A Retreat in Silence, is the best way to connect to the world around us. We can reflect better when we take the time and we are not surrounded by noise.

If you want to go deeper in your Sadhana practice, we recommend you to choose fasting during this Retreat. If that is your choice, we can guide you.


Pure Divine Silence or Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation Sessions, Morning - Evening

Healing Session, available

Included private room / veg meals

Available live Online via zoom

Retreat Duration: from 1 Day , 3 days, 7 days,  - ( Individual Retreat or small group )

Upcoming Batch Mysore :
April & May 2023

Upcoming Batch Rishikesh :
Dec to March 2023

8.30 am Pranayama & Hatha Yoga
Breakfast and Mauna (Silence Meditation)
5.45pm Meditation and Yoga Nidra 

Fees Mauna Meditation Retreat $100 -

What is Included?

- Meditation, Yoga and Pranayama Sessions 
1 day Sessions 

1 night Private room and veg meals 

Pick Up/Drop Off Airport:  Available, car with AC - //  Included in 3 days package 

Reconnecting with yourself 

Got question about this Retreat?

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Deepening in your Inner Journey
Meditation practices
Find your center
Japa Meditation
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