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Forgotten ways to Awake your Inner Healer, Shaman & Sage

A Shaman is known to be a Healer, Teacher, Counselor and a Soul Doctor. The Shamanic path offers time-tested tools to help us hear the Inner call of our purpose.
It's a meditation-based path of direct revelation by expansion of awareness interacting with the word of reality and spirit through different techniques including sound, movement and Master plants like Cocoa. It requires of a Initiation, vegetarian diet and Training to access to a Inner Journey which may not be easy and comfortable at the begging, but once you have healed and reconnected with your conscious evolution it will bring harmony within and all the aspects of your life.


If you are looking for a Shaman and you find it, don't ask for magic tricks. It porpouse is to provoke your demons, those which you keep and justify, deny and project on the "other"
If you find a Shaman be prepared to get uncombed by his words, to get angered by his silences.
Remain alert when he exasperates you with his brutal honesty. Be prepared for the worst battle, the one with your own self.


Shamanism Training
Here is a complete Training into various branches of Shamanism. During these Workshops, you will learn the origins of this ancestral knowledge and you will receive the attunements as well direct experiences of this practices.
This Course is made of the summary of all the knowledge that I have received. This time my Shamanic Training started at my 9 years old, and it has no end, since Shamanism is a path or way of living.
In this Training I will Initiate you in the practices that have transformed my life, helped me and reconnected with my essence.

Subjects covered in this Workshop
- Module 1 -
Attunement Level 1 to 8 in Shamanism Munay Ki, Amazonian Lineage + Creating a Ceremonial Sacred Space, Meditation Fire, + Creating your Misha Shaman's Tools. Sacred Stones .Connecting with your Spirit Guides, Drum Journey. Vision Quest. Protection and Cleansing. Discharge bath and Flowers Bath. Holi Waters. Holi Smokes ( herbs to clean the space)

- Module 2
Shamanism Amazonian Lineage Feminine Rite (Only for women) + Initiation Into Huna Shamanism and Red Way Lineage +  Awakening Shakti (Intuitive energy) + Oracles + Sacred Dances. + Ceremony: Pachamama payment + Yagna / Homa + Journaling    



  - Module 3
Energy Balance + Sacred Plants: Cocoa Ceremony Medicine.+ Shamanic breathwork, Icaros, Mantras and Sound Healing Bath. + Channeling and connecting with our Inner Guru. + Recapitulation

  - Module 4 Shamanic Yoga , Icaros, tribal chants for body, energy and spirt clearing. 

  - Module 5 Sacred Yatra, pilgrimage for Sacred places. Visiting points of light, for ñawis powers activation. 


Theory and Practice Ceremony 10am to 12pm // 3pm to 5 pm // 6pm to 8pm, IST India

Live Online Workshop 

Upcoming dates 2024: 
May 13th to 17th, 2024 , Module 1 at 11.30am to 13.30pm 

May 20th to 24th, 2024 Module 2 at 11.30am to 13.30pm 
June 10th to 14th. 2024 Module 3 at 
11.30am to 13.30pm 
July 1st to 26th
Aug 5 to 30th 2024, Module 1: at 2.30pm IST / Once a week
Sep 2nd to 27th
Oct 7 to 1st
Nov 4th to 29th
Dec 2nd to 27th

*** ((( One on one classes , personalized - contact us to set up the best dates according your schedule )))***

Fees: American Dollars  uS $250 Each Module / uS $600 3 Modules

- Vegetarian Diet 
- Women: Avoid participating during feminine periods. Not allowed those days.

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Get in touch to clarify any question.

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