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50H Tantra Yoga
Teacher Training Course|
Level 2


Deepening in the practice of Tantra Yoga.

This is a course for Yoginis, female Yoga Teachers who have completed 50 hours Tantra Yoga Teachers Training Level 1, and wish to continue their education online in the practice of Tantra Yoga.

Tantric Yoga incorporates the practice of different techniques, such as mantras, meditation, visualization, mudras, pranayama, Bhakti Yoga and Kriya Yoga to study the inner-universe through our human body.

It is a slow, meditative form of Yoga, it aims to move our energy throughout the body for healing, transformation, and self-realization.

The subjects that will be covered during this Training are: Tantra Yoga Level 2 Asanas, Meditation, Shakti Dance, Tantric Rituals

This Course will bring clarity about Tantra Yoga, How to benefit with daily practice of this Traditional form of Yoga.  This course will definitely help to balance and cultivate your feminine energy.

We will give you all the materials for your self-study.  Including: asana charts with Tantra Yoga asanas,  mantras, meditation, pdf manuals, video classes, access to an exclusive website for students with the information of each class.

Duration: 4 weeks Intensive, vegetarian diet required.
Livestream Online Classes via zoom
Monday to Friday * 5 classes each week - 4 weeks duration
or 3 classes each one - 6 weeks duration.


Schedule :

Choose your schedule
6am to 8am //10.30am to 12.30pm // 3pm to 5pm //6 pm to 8pm

If the schedule doesn't works for you, kindly request your schedule tailored to you.
Weekends: Assigned homework like to read, watch videos, and self-practice.

*** If the schedule doesn't wors for you, let us know your availability

Upcoming Batch starting: 

 *** Only Shakti Female Yoginis  ***
Jan 8 to Fe 2nd
Feb5 to March 1st
March 4 to 29th
April 8 to May 3rd 
July 1st to 26th
Aug 5th to 30th
Sep 2nd to 27th
Oct 7th to 1st
Nov 4th to 29th

Regular Fees: Indian Rupees 50.000 INR
Fees with Early Bird Discount: Indian Rupees 40.000 INR, Registering 30 days in advance
Including all: materials for self-study and Certification


Accreditation 50 Hours Yacep , Yoga Alliance

For further information drop a message to:

Got question about this Course ?

Get in touch to clarify any question. 

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