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50Hours Tantra Yoga
Teacher Training Course
Level 1 


Take an Immersion in Tantra Yoga.

This is a course for Yoga Teachers who have completed 200 hours Training in any Yoga Style, and wish to continue their education online. 

Tantra Yoga, Teacher Training Course 50 Hours TTC, with International Certification. Yacep, Yoga Alliance

Duration: 1 month

Course Description:

The course presents strong emphasis on the Traditional Tantra Yoga, Trainees are expected to maintain a daily Yoga and Meditation practice during the training.

The course includes following areas of study:

Tantra Yoga, Level 1
Bhakti Yoga
Chakras, Mantras, Mudras, Meditation.
Philosophy of Tantra Yoga
Teaching methodology Tantra Yoga

Course Objectives:

Trainees will be able to lead Tantra Yoga Sessions.
Trainees will be able to lead Tantric Meditation Sessions.
Trainees will learn Philosophy of Tantra Yoga
Trainees will learn breathwork and Meditation techniques.
Trainees will learn about energy chakras, and how to balance them through the practice of Tantra Yoga.
Trainees will learn about energy management, and how to apply the practice of Tantra Yoga in daily life.

Breakdown Training Structure:

1st week: Led class focus on Tantra Yoga for daily practice, and Philosophy.
2nd week Focus on breathwork, Mantras, Chakras and Meditation. Teaching Methodologies Trainees leading class.

3rd week: Teaching Methodologies focus on Trainee sequencing Tantra Yoga classes and Meditation Session.
4th week: Teaching Methodologies Trainee leading Tantra Yoga sessions to work with specific chakras. Practical exam: Trainee leading a Tantra Yoga and Meditation Session.

*** Vegetarian Diet, Requirement


1hour Class: Tantra Yoga Practice

1hour Theory Class 

Video Classes: Self-paced

Self-Study, Weekends.

Timings to choose according your availability: (Select 1 of them)

10am to 12pm  // 1pm to 3pm  // 3.30pm to 5.30pm  // 6pm to 8pm // 8pm to 10 pm IST
*** If the dates or the schedule doesn’t work for you, kindly contact us to set up a personalized schedule.

Accreditation: International Certification: Tantra Yoga 50 Hours TTC Yacep , ( Yoga Alliance Continuing Education)

Materials for Self-study Included: Tantra Yoga Asana Chart, Google drive folder: Video Classes, Pdf manuals to print.

Fees:Fees:Regular Fees: Indian Rupees US $ 600 
Fees with Early Bird Discount: US $ 500 , Registering 30 days in advance

Upcoming dates 2024: 
March 4 to 29th
April 8 to May 3rd at 8pm to 10pm IST - Yogis & Yoginis 
May 6 to 31st
June 3rd to 28th
July 1st to 26th
Aug 5 to 30th

Sep 2nd to 27th
Oct 7 to 1st
Nov 4th to 29th
Dec 2nd to 27th

Ready to sign up? Got questions?
​E-mail us for further information:

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Yoga Asanas
Bhakti Yoga
Yantra Meditation
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