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Try many Yoga Styles
 find your favorite

Schedule Classes every day: Monday to Sunday

Drop in: Trying one class 60 minutes.
Drop in 1 day Unlimited Classes: try many classes in a day

Weekly 1 Class: You can Try different Styles.
Weekly Unlimited Classes: All classes included

Monthly Packages with Private room and Veg Meals

Laxman Jhula, near Little Buddha Cafe, German Bakery

For details, and to Register
Contact us on WhatsApp +91 9632999171


8am to 9am 


Breathwork practice, Traditional Pranayama Techniques to balance your mind, and energize your body.
Empty stomach required. 

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10am to 11am 

Kundalini Yoga

Dynamic Yoga style, advanced
Vegetarian diet required

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12pm to 1 pm

Arms Balancing & Inversions

Upside down Yoga Poses and Arms Balance practice

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4pm to 5pm

Meditation & Yoga Nidra

Dynamic & Passive Techniques to relax your mind

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9am to 10am

Hatha Yoga

This Yoga Style is suitable to everyone,
Slow practice, deepening in ech Asana

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11am to 12 pm 

Hip Opening & Back Bending

Heart and Hips Opening Asanas, to increase your flexibility

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3pm to 4pm

Tantra Yoga 

Slow Yoga practice chanting mantras, and visualizations
Vegetarian diet required

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5pm to 6pm

Bhakti Yoga & Sound Healing

The Yoga of the Voice, Kirtan Chanting 

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