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Yoga Posture

Yoga Practitioner
Training Course

Become a Yoga Practitioner

This is a Yoga Course for everyone. Those beginners and Yoga Teachers who have already completed 200 hours Training in any Yoga Style, and wish to continue their education online. A great opportunity to expand your knowledge and deeper in your Yoga Practice

Subjects covered in this Course
Yoga Asanas - Meditation - Pranayama - Practice Methodology  

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Yoga Practitioners Training Course YPTC with Certification.

Duration: 1 Month Online Live stream via zoom


Schedule: (India Time) 

1hs Practice Class  Yoga Asana, Meditation or Pranayama

Timings to choose according to your availability:
7am to 8am IST Advance Hatha Yoga  - Tue / Wed / Thursday

7am to 8am IST - Beginner Hatha Yoga   - Monday / Friday 
11am to 12pm - Tantra Yoga

3pm to 4pm  - Pranayama

4pm to 5pm - Meditation 
6pm to 7pm  Back Bending & Hip Opening: Mon / Wed 
6pm to 7pm  Arms Balancing & Inversions: Tuesday/ Thursday
8pm to 9pm - Kundalini Yoga: Monday to Thursday
*** If the dates or the schedule doesn't work for you, kindly contact us to set up a tailored schedule


Course Description

The course presents strong emphasis on the Classical Yoga , Meditation and Pranayama Practices

The course includes following areas of study:

  • Asana level 1 & 2 (Total approx 100 Asanas, Including Surya Namaskar and Chandra Namaskar)

  • Yogic breathing practice

  • Practice methodology

  • Active & Passive Meditations

Course Objectives

Trainees will be able to practice Asanas according to their level, for self-practice.

Trainees will be able to use Yoga accessories Like belt, bricks and bolsters to reach to practice Injury free. 

Trainees will learn Yogic breathing techniques called Pranayama.

Trainees will learn Active and passive meditation techniques.

Practitioners Training Course Program

1st week :

Led class focuses on Yoga practice: Surya namaskar A ( Sun salutations ) , Standing poses, sitting poses, Supine poses , Prone poses and Finishing sequence . Basic Pranayama practice . 

2nd week :

Led class focuses on Yoga practice using props, and Pranayama practice . 

3rd Week :

Led class focuses on Yoga practice: and Basic Meditations techniques.

4th week :

Led class focuses on Yoga practice: Surya namaskar A ( Sun salutations ) , Standing poses, sitting poses, Supine poses , Prone poses and Finishing sequence .Meditations practice.

Materials for self-study​​

  • Asana chart pdf with Names and images of each Asana, for self practice


1.All the levels are welcome. 
2.Prior notice is must in case of Practitioners having major injuries,chronic health issues or psychological issues, or if they are under any medication.

Structural Breakdown

Primary Faculty:  Yogacharya Jagadamba

Evaluation Procedure and grading criteria

  1. Trainees will be assessed on asana performance, Pranayama and Meditation.

  2. Trainee should be able to practice Asanas, Basic Meditation and pranayama.

  3. If a Trainee is not able to continue the course, will not receive partial or full refunds. 
    If y
    ou missed a class, you could recover it later, prior notice.


The trainee should attend online 90% of all the classes during the course.

Upcoming dates 2024: 
March 4 to 29th
April 8 to May 3rd
May 6 to 31st
June 3rd to 28th
July 1st to 26th
Aug 5 to 30th

Sep 2nd to 27th
Oct 7 to 1st
Nov 4th to 29th
Dec 2nd to 27th

Monthly Fees: 10000 INR Indian Rupees  ( Each style )
Early Bird Discount 7000 INR Registering 1 month in advance

Fees including classes, Asana chart for self-practice.

Got questions?  contact us

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