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Online Classes

Practice  from the comfort of your home

Online Classes: Schedule: 3.30pm to 4.30pm IST
Everyday Monday to Sunday, you can start any day.

Monday: Hatha Yoga
Tuesday: Kundalini Meditation and breathwork
Wednesday: Back Bending & Hip Opening 
Thursday: Tantra Yoga
Friday: Bhakti Yoga
Saturday: Arms Balancing & Inversions
Sunday: Kundalini Yoga

Monthly Package Classes Fees : 8000 Rupees

Weekly Package Classes 
Fees : 3000 Rupees

Live online yoga classes to boost your life. Recharge your body and mind.

Experience the benefits of yoga from the comfort of your home with an expert Teacher from India with more than 8 years sharing yoga and meditation.

Whether you are a new or experienced yoga practitioner, we have a class online for you.

Sometimes life gets busy and rushing to class can feel stressful, which negates the benefits of practicing yoga 

What are the benefits of our online yoga classes?

- Consistency. 
The benefits of yoga —from increased flexibility to reduced stress —sink in when you develop a consistent routine.
You’ll stay consistent. When you can roll out your mat, click connect, and start your practice.

- Motivation.
Every day we feel different, that's why we have programmed a different style every day to keep you motivated.

- Take the best of each Style. 
Finding your favorite style is easier when you can try many of them. Many people think they don't like yoga, when in reality they haven't tried the most appropriate style for them. 

- You can have a friend join. 
Invite your favorite people and improve your life and that of someone else. 
Sharing your practice shortens the distance with our loved ones and will help you be more consistent.

- Community support.
Find a welcoming community from all around the world. The group energy will motivate you to show up everyday.

- It’s less expensive.
Online yoga can save you money. If you prefer to take multiple classes a week, shelling out $250 a month for in-person classes may not be in your budget.  For online sessions, you can get daily classes for as low as $100 a month.

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