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Kids & Teens Yoga 50 Hours TTC Teachers Training Course

Upcoming dates 2024: 

Jan 8 to Fe 2nd
Feb5 to March 1st
March 4 to 29th
April 8 to May 3rd
May 6 to 31st
June 3rd to 28th
July 1st to 26th
Aug 5 to 30th
Sep 2nd to 27th
Oct 7 to 1st
Nov 4th to 29th
Dec 2nd to 27th

Choose your schedule
6am to 7.30am //10.30am to 12pm // 3.30pm to 5pn //6 pm to 7.30pm // 8pm to 9.30pm

If the schedule doesn't work for you, kindly request your schedule tailored to you.
Weekends: Assigned homework like to read, watch videos, and self-practice.

Option 1: 5 days each week
Option 2: 3 days each week

Live Online via zoo

Fee: 35000 INR
Early Bird Discount 300
00 INR

Fees including: live online classes, materials for self-study and Certification.

Materials for Self-study Included: Asana Chart - Anatomy & Physiology Manual - Google drive folder: Video Classes

Accreditation:  International Certification Yacep

The seeds we plant in our bodies and minds at an early age create the potential for a healthy and joyful life.  In our busy world we are experiencing children as young as preschool age being impacted by the effects of stress. Evidence based research shows us the value and health benefits of sharing the tools of yoga and mindfulness to support this precious age.


Kids & Teens Yoga 50 Hours TTC Teachers Training Course // International Certification Yoga Alliance - Yacep 

Duration : 4 weeks

Course Description:

The course presents strong emphasis on Yoga Asanas and Techniques for Kids and Teens, Trainees are expected to maintain a daily practice during the training.

The course includes following areas of study:

- Partner Asanas

- Games

- Breathing Exercises

- Concentration & Meditation

Course Objectives

Trainees will be able to lead classes on Yoga, Games, Asanas and Techniques for Kids and Teenagers, create a sequence for different levels.

1st week: Led class focus on basic games and partner yoga for daily practice
2nd week Focus on Teaching Methodology Trainees lead class

3rd week: Led class focus on Asanas and Concentration/ Meditation 
4th week:: Trainee sequencing a class for different levels. , Practical exam Trainee leading a class 60 min

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