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Collaboration, Working together

We can collaborate offering Online Services // Sharing the fees.

How Our Global Collaboration Works:

We are hosting live Online Courses via zoom and every month we have more than 50% vacancy, so we want to share some seats with you.

We can collaborate offering these Online Courses:

- Hatha Yoga 100 H Yacep 200H TTC  300TTC Yoga Alliance 
- Kundalini Yoga 100 H Yacep  200H TTC Yoga Alliance 
- Tantra Yoga for Yoginis 50H 100H Yacep

- Bhakti Yoga for Yoga Teachers 50H 100H Yacep
- Pranayama, Yacep Certification
- Meditation, Yacep Certification 

We are offering you a 50% Commission for bringing the student 
We are keeping 50% profit for taking care of 100% of teaching the course and providing the certification.

When a student is interested, they will pay to you directly 50% commission / which will be the booking. 
After a week of starting the Course, they will pay to us the balance. 

Please let me know if this Collaboration could be interested for you to give you more details..
We are available to set up Onsite TTC in Mysore or Rishikesh (minimum group of students requiered )
Feel free to contact wsp phone +91 9632999171

Frequent questions

- How many students are in each Course?
We have limited seats in each batch, to ensure the quality of education in each student. The Course start with minimum 1 to no more than 11 students per course.

How the students pay the fee?

The student who comes for your reference, will pay you the reservation, (which will be your commission) You will inform us asap so that we can register it. We will need his/her email ID to send the link to access the classes, and materials for self-study.
After 1 week of starting the classes the student will pay to us the balance fee of the course.

How are the fees paid to us?
The student can choose to pay through:
- Paypal (they do not need to be registered in Paypal, they only need to have a debit or credit card to pay online)
- WhatsApp payment
- Bank Transfer (to Indian Account)


Can students ask for money back?
There is no refund. If for personal reasons the student cannot attend the course, they can join the upcoming batch.

Can we cancel the course?
No, the course will take place with a minimum of 1 student

In what language is the course taught?
Classes and study materials are in English. they must be able to understand and communicate in basic English

What is the accreditation of the course ?
Our courses meet international education standards, endorsed by Yoga Alliance USA or Yacep
After completing the course, with 90% attendance, the student is eligible to register with Yoga Alliance. It is not necessary to live in the USA, they can do it from anywhere in the world.

Is there an exam to get the certificate?
Yes, depending on the course they will have theoretical or practical exams. in the event that they fail, they will have a second chance at no extra cost.

Is there any extra cost?
there isn't, it's all included in the fees. Including all the materials for self-study and exclusive website for students

Are there recordings of the classes?
There are no recordings, the course is all made of live online classes via zoom. 

What is needed to access the classes?
Students will need the zoom application installed on the phone, computer or tablet

What the students said about our Courses?
We starting teaching online Courses 2 years ago. Our students are satisfied with our Courses. We have received good feedback from them. Please have a look in our reviews.

- Are you interested in a collaboration ? In which one of our Online Courses ?

Thanks for submitting!
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