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Students Testimonials



Online 200H TTC Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course

Physiotherapist and a Fitness & Wellness consultant
specializing in women's health. From Andhra Pradesh

 I am delighted to share a significant milestone in my two-decade career journey:
the completion of a 200-hour TTC Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course through
online platform, under the expert guidance of Yogacharya Shagdamba, Stella
Her profound expertise and in-depth teaching methods have had a profound impact on my approach to holistic wellness, which I have now integrated into the programs at my fitness and wellness center, Evolve.// SEP 2023"

Divya Thakur

Online 200H TTC Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course

What an experience ! I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to complete my 200H Hatha Yoga TTC course under a very learned and humble teacher, Stella, Shagadamba. Getting certified from E-Shala was one of the best decisions I took. The study material the school provides is sufficient to get immense knowledge on the subject. Regular practice and theory classes are conducted with variety of things to learn in each class. Theory classes are as good as the practice ones. In a nutshell, I received more than I had anticipated. Thank You, // DEC 2020"


Cora Chuang

Online 200H TTC Kundalini Yoga
Teacher Training Course

 Stella is truly a great teacher. Her knowledge and love for Kundalini is amazing. She’s so sincere and open to share everything she knows with her students. Best TTC ever. I’ve learned and benefited a lot 🙏🙏🙏 and I enjoyed every single class very much. She’s marvelous. // OCT 2020"

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