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Benefits of wearing white color in yoga and meditation practice

Why is it highly recommended to wear the color white during Yoga and Meditation practice? Wearing white can be thought of as “color therapy” as white often creates peace, instills a sense of calm.

The color white increases the energy of all colors as it is easy to match with any other color, therefore expanding your personal energy when you wear it.

Students are invited to wear white to Kundalini yoga class, but it is never a requirement.

The teacher will always be in white as it allows us to utilize the energies of all colors, finding support and strength in all the chakras.

It is believed to strengthen one's Aura and serve as a filter for negative influences from the surrounding world.

It gets charged with your energy by everyday use, so the more you use it, the more you will notice the benefits.

White is also used in a professional setting. For example, when we talk about medical things, it gives reassurance, conveying cleanliness and efficiency.

Wearing white has a cooling effect. When your body gets hot, it radiates energy. If you wear white clothes, this body radiation is released from your body.

We can get extra benefits if we are wearing natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and linen because they act as energy conduits and can support us in having deeper experiences as we practice Yoga & Meditation. It helps to eliminate any obstructions in energy flow, or prana.

Benefits of wearing white color in yoga and meditation practice:

- It purifies the Aura and expands your radiance

- It Helps to Deepen your practice in Meditation.

- It calms your mind.

- It is cooling

- It looks clean and professional.


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