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Multi Styles
Yoga Workshops


 The duty of the Guru outside you,
is to make you aware of the Guru within you

Take an Immersion in the practice of many styles of Yoga.                                  Certification, Yoga Alliance, Yacep

The Styles that you can choose during this Training are: 
Back Bending
Hip Opening 
Arms Balancing 
Inversions Asanas 

This Training is to explore different styles, to open your heart, balance your mind, enrich your practice and life.
Everyone is welcome to join us . No experience required. 

Duration: 1 Week Intensive each Style or 4 weeks 
It is an opportunity to reconnect with the Yoga of voice and deep in yourself through sacred sounds

Schedule :India Standart time IST:
Yoga Practice 1hour duration
 : Schedule available at 6am / 10.30am / 4 pm / 6pm 
Live Online Classes via zoom: Monday to Friday


Upcoming dates :

  •  Sep 18th to 22nd, 2023

  •  Sep 25th to 29th, 2023

  • October: 2nd to 6 // 9 to 13th // 16th to 20th // 23rd to 27th 2023

  • November 6 to 10 // 13th to 17 // 20 to 24 // 27 to Dec 1st 2023

  • December 4 to 8 //11 to 15 //18 to 22nd // 25 to 29th 2023

4 Styles Totally 40.000INR Indian Rupees
Each one 15000 Rps

Accreditation Yacep , Yoga Alliance 

E-mail us for further information

Got question about this Course ?

Get in touch to clarify any question. 

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