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How to recognize the True Master?

On your learning path, you will encounter many Teachers, but not all of them will be true and that is normal since part of your learning is knowing how to distinguish them and taking responsibility for choosing your path and its consequences. The Master who is false is the type of Master that are most abundant. Its function is to distract you from your true path, connecting with your gifts. It makes you waste time, energy, and confuses you because he himself is living in confusion. And maybe he even feels threatened by your innate knowledge and tries to harm you in some way. In some cases, they can exert physical, spiritual, psychological, and energetic violence and you will have to protect and defend yourself. They take care of their image to appear like what they are not. And they usually have many students since they don't demand much, just money. His intention is to have more followers and money. The True Master is not easy to find. And they tend to be selective with the students they accept, or perhaps they have requirements that not everyone can meet, for example teaching those who are vegetarians. Its function is to reconnect you with your Inner Master. He will explain the techniques (that he himself uses) to purify his mind and body to connect with his Inner Guide. They own experiences are part of your teaching. They tend to be rigorous, since they know that without effort on your part you will not achieve anything, and they are not interested in wasting their time. His teaching focuses on quality rather than quantity. They accept money (because they need to stay in this system) but the best payment you can give them is for you to transform and improve after their teaching. His intention is to make you a Master, not a follower. They are gentle and will never force you. Their respect for themselves makes them respect others. Why are True Masters more demanding? We connect with our Master according to our vibration. We are like a radio, and we pick up different Masters accordingly. If your vibration is high, you will attract high Vibration Masters. If it is low, you will attract those of low vibration, or you may even attract demons, who pose as Masters. High Vibration Masters are in harmony with the Divine law of Dharma, close to the supreme consciousness. What they teach you is to cultivate the power within you. Freeing yourself from everything that you are not (ego) and reconnecting with your inner wisdom. This type of knowledge requires the sacrifice of worldly things that will get you nowhere and will make you lose your power. How to recognize them? High vibration Master do not connect with low vibration students. Going back to the radio example, if your vibration is low, you will not be able to tune in to them, or if you do the sound (the message received) will be distorted, you will not understand what they say, or you will be confused in their interpretation, or it will not resonate with you. High Vibration Teachers: They do not accept just any student, they test you constantly, they require that you follow a vegetarian diet (since plants have wisdom that comes from the light and consuming them transfers it to you), they ask you to practice meditation to listen to your inner Guide, and yoga to keep your body and mind healthy, use light colors to increase the energy in your chakras, be honest. You have to sacrifice the things that make you ignorant, alcohol, vices, false friendships, worldly pleasures, masturbation. And once you earn your power through your own efforts, you are free to continue your evolutionary path. The power is in you, since no one gave you anything, you earned it with dedication and effort. Therefore, you are free. Just as the Master appears when the student is ready, he also disappears when the student is ready to continue with his Inner Guidance or when the student makes many mistakes and refuse to correct his behavior. Low Vibration Masters: They allow you to: lead an easy life since they don't give you anything, they make you think you are powerful (ego), but you can never leave them since the power is not in you, it will always be in them. While you will be weaker every day due to consuming alcohol, eating meat, dressing in dark colors, telling lies, deceiving others, having casual sex, not meditating, listening to low vibration music, they ask for the sacrifice of others: for example, animals. Which will make you commit criminal acts that have high karmic consequences. What to do if you are with the wrong Master? Simply change your vibration, through acts and activities that raise your vibration to connect with your Inner Master and help you connect with true Masters. Do not be afraid to be without Masters, because Life in itself is a Master. Therefore, change direction as many times as necessary to be in harmony with your life Mission. Don't worry about what others will say about you, that's the ego, the important thing is what you think about yourself. Basically, the True Master helps you awaken your gifts to fulfill your life mission. Have you already found your gifts? We recommend you read the post about Dharma and Karma.

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